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Michael Shelley's "Even More Super Hits of the Seventies!"

Michael Shelley's "Even More Super Hits of the Seventies!"

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Michael Shelley's 2015 WFMU Fund Raising Premium CD "Even More Super Hits of the Seventies!" This amazing collection has 18 guaranteed #1 hit songs from some of the greatest music makers of today covering top forty hits of the 1970s - and each one has been recorded EXCLUSIVELY FOR THIS COMPILATION!

These recordings are available only here! This genre defying collection is a must for all serious freeform music fans!

Tracklist (alphabetical)

1) amandla "Fly Like An Eagle"
2) Nikki Corvette with Prima Donna "It Don’t Come Easy"
3) Marshall Crenshaw "I Just Want To Celebrate”
4) Grace Denton "Ring The Living Bell”
5) Billy Dolan "Instant Karma"
6) Pete Donnelly and Shelby Lynne "O-o-h Child"
7) Mitch Easter "Fox On The Run”
8) Sam Elwitt "Baby Blue”
9) The Explorers Club "I Wanna Be With You”
10) Green "Superstar”
11) The Kanaloas “Saturday Night”
12) Nick Martellaro "Stayin' Alive”
13) The Mommyheads “What A Fool Believes”
14) David Myhr “Oh Susie”
15) The Philistines Jr. “The Logical Song”
16) Sam Phillips “(Last Night) I Didn't Get To Sleep At All”
17) They Might Be Giants “Starry Eyes”
18) The Woggles “Treat Her Like A Lady”
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