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Michael Shelley's "Super Hits of the Seventies Pure Dynomite!"

Michael Shelley's "Super Hits of the Seventies Pure Dynomite!"

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Created for the 2017 WFMU Fundrasing Marathon. This amazing collection has 19 guaranteed #1 hit songs from some of the greatest music makers of today covering top forty hits of the 1970s - and each one has been recorded EXCLUSIVELY FOR THIS COMPILATION!

These recordings are available only here! This genre defying collection is a must for all serious freeform music fans!

Tracklist (alphabetical)

1) The Above “Go Back”
2) Barreracudas “Smokin’ In The Boy’s Room”
3) The Bellfuries “Right Down The Line”
4) Bettie Serveert featuring Jesse Beuker on drums “Cos I Luv You”
5) Chris Collingwood “It Never Rains In Southern California”
6) Crystal Robots “Reflections Of My Life”
7) Gerald Dowd “Don’t Do It”
8) Mitch Easter “I’m Not In Love”
9) Jay Gonzalez “Bad Blood”
10) Freedy Johnston “Bennie And The Jets”
11) Francis Macdonald “Sunday Girl”
12) Mingus + Marr “Me And You And A Dog Named Boo”
13) The Philistines Jr. “Something In The Air”
14) Pop4 “Telephone Line”
15) The Tripwires “Motorcycle Mama”
16) Ben Vaughn “Yellow River”
17) The West Saugerties Ale & Quail Club “Poor Poor Pitiful Me”
18) Wire Troop “Hi, Hi, Hi”
19) Wreckless Eric & Amy Rigby “Sister Golden Hair”

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