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Me and My Rhythm Box – CD Compilation

Me and My Rhythm Box – CD Compilation

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Daniel Blumin's 2015 Marathon DJ Premium Me and My Rhythm Box contains exclusive tracks from: Fistpost (Ilpo's new post Pan Sonic project!), Oren Ambarchi, Saturn and the Sun (a new duo feat. Joachim Nordwall and Henrik Rylander of Skull Defekts), Cavern of Anti-Matter (feat. Tim Gane of Stereolab and Joe Dilworth of Th' Faith Healers), Ekoplekz, Nick Forte (Christmas Decorations, Raspberry Bulbs), Andrew Pekler (Groupshow), Kh'lulu, Ulaan Khol (aka Steven R. Smith), Peder Mannerfelt, Dominique Grimaud (Camizole), Rashad Becker, Damian Ponce battling Timo Reuber (Klangwart), Sesquiquadrate, and Zero Gravity Thinkers (feat. Peter Principle of Tuxedomoon)!

Limited edition of 500 copies and not many left.


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