Sex and Broadcasting - Book / DVD / 7"

Sex and Broadcasting - Book / DVD / 7"

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A Factory 25 Viewing Disc, Vinyl Recording & Read Along Book Listen to the 7” for a WFMU Audio Tour with DJ’s Dave Hill & Scott Williams while reading along in the book!

Disc Includes: Sex and Broadcasting: A Film About WFMU

Record Includes: Audio Tour by WFMU DJ’s Dave Hill and Scott Williams

70 Page Book Includes:

  • Essay by Director Tim K. Smith
  • Read along WFMU tour
  • Essay by Dave the Spazz
  • "How I Got Here, Why I Stayed" essay by Irwin Chusid
  • "The Genesis of Sex and Broadcasting" essay by Lorenzo W. Milam

Look at the Pictures. Listen to the story. Learn from the book.